Young Architects Workshop is a nine-week youth apprenticeship programme designed to give 14 up to 18-year-olds practical experience creating digital 3D models for real-world clients. This year Young Architects Workshop modified our Arckit Education Programme and used Arckit to teach technical design using physical components and Arckit 3D digital components within SketchUp. The results speak for themselves: each student designed and built a model home from scratch to a client brief in just nine weeks.

What is the Young Architects Workshop?

The Young Architects Workshop is based in the Brentwood Arts Exchange in Brentwood, MD. The aim of this nine-week programme is to teach effective workplace and business skills to young adults through the process of meeting with clients and finishing projects alongside exploring more specialised knowledge about architectural design and how to use 3D design software.

The course was run by, Marcus Monroe, Project Architect at the National Institute of Health (NIH). His colleague (and one of our Arckit Ambassadors), Ricky Fairhurst, was on hand to help out. He’s an experienced architecture student at the University of Maryland and the perfect person to offer insights into the design process and advice for approaching the project like a live brief.

It’s worth noting that, although Ricky was there to facilitate, our Arckit Flexi Course requires no previous knowledge of working with Arckit.

How did Arckit get involved?

Ricky brought one of our A360 kits into the office one day, and Marcus was excited about the possibility of using Arckit within their curriculum. Marcus began to experiment with how to incorporate his existing programme with our course structure. The main course needed to include real-world examples, alongside constructive criticism, group discussion and vocabulary-building exercises, so Marcus modified our modules to suit the needs and age of the participants and to include material from his own curriculum.

How was the Arckit Flexi Course modified?

The idea behind our Flexi Course is that the material presented in each one-hour session can be tailored to suit almost any course length, so you can easily add or remove sections depending on the areas you want to focus on.

Here’s an overview of the schedule for Young Architects Workshop. Each point represents one week of immersive learning, giving the students time to explore ideas and develop their skills. Class sizes were 8-10 students (using 4-5 Arckit A360 kits between them).

  • Week One: Orientation & Introduction to design
  • Week Two: Introduction to Design Thinking + SketchUp
  • Week Three: Sketching + Analytical Techniques
  • Week Four: 3D Modelling + Neighbourhood Tour
  • Week Five: Client Interaction + Introduction of Final Project
  • Week Six: Guest Speaker + New Final Project
  • Week Seven: Continue Model Development
  • Week Eight: Final Presentation Preparation
  • Week Nine: Final Documentation + Presentations

The results

At the end of the course, the participants were asked to complete a final presentation in front of an audience. The Young Architects Workshop received very positive feedback from both participants and parents, who were unanimously impressed with the quality of the work and the inclusion of Arckit. There was also the added benefit that students were encouraged to leave the house during the summer holidays to work on something meaningful and learn new skills. Hopefully being part of such an engaging project will help to inspire these promising designers to venture into architecture or design fields in the future.

“July 1st was the last class, and the students had a great time using the Arckit models. Ricky did an excellent job introducing the kits to the students.  Since the kits were introduced late in the program, I used a modified approach to the Flexi Course. Students were given a set of design requirements for a home and came up with model concepts. The physical model design was then translated into SketchUp.” – Marcus Monroe, Creator/Lead Instructor

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