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Ready to bring your design to life? Arckit Digital is a collection of tools to help you complete your perfect model.

3D Design

Bridge the gap between physical and digital.

Switch between physical and virtual designs at the click of a button. Arckit components are available in digital format for FREE within SketchUp Make 3D Warehouse, allowing you to transition between mediums in an instant.

Just think what you can do with unlimited components?

Arckit components are also available for Autodesk Revit for professional and educational use. Please visit our education section for more information. >>>>

Arckit 3D Assets


Finish your model with realistic building details.

Complete your model with self-adhesive material patterns supplied by real building companies. Download from our library and print detailed finishes such as timber, stone, concrete, metal, solar panels, grass, water and much more.
Arckitexture finishes can be downloaded and printed to the Arckitexture Media adhesive sheets provided with your Arckit product.

Arckitextures Texture Gallery

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Pre-printed and blank Arckitexture self-adhesive media sheets are provided with some Arckit sets and additional sheets are available to purchase from our accessories page.

Use our Arckitexture component templates as a cutting guide to help you achieve a more accurate finish.

Arckit Texture Map Piece 1
Arckit Texture Map Piece 2
Arckit Texture Map Piece 3
Arckit Texture Map Piece 4